by betty.

What the Walls Can Say

WawSpace Blessings are one of the very special rituals I do that never cease to amaze me. Space Blessings are my way of describing what I do when I go into an office, a room, a home, or an enclosed outdoor area and go through a process that results in that particular space being cleared of old, stuck energy and filled with the hopes and dreams of the person or people who use the space.

The reason I do Space Blessings is because we are all at our healthiest in all ways when we live in an environment free from sticky energy. Energy from previous and present inhabitants of a space can leave residue that affects anyone who uses the space. Negative energy is especially heavy and dense and can cause people to be more negative and heavy hearted just from being in the room. Extended use of the space becomes more problematic and unhealthy.

The first step in a Space Blessing is to scan the area or areas to see what the walls, furnishings, and other items that make up the space have to tell me. For example, at one home I did, the couple I'll call Steph and Mindy were preparing for a remodel and they wanted to make sure the home was ready to be altered. One interior wall communicated how tired it was, how heavy its load felt. I reported this to Steph and Mindy and when the remodel construction began, they discovered that particular wall, which was designed to be load bearing, wasn't properly built and needed some serious reconstruction to keep from bucking. 

I also felt electrical currents sparking behind a wall. Steph assured me I was wrong. Nothing could be out of alignment with the electricity, he reassured me, because he was an electrical engineer and he had done the wiring in that area of the house himself. I was surprised to feel that zapping after hearing that Steph had done the wiring because I knew him to be meticulous and careful in everything, but particularly in his home projects. I checked again to be sure and that wall remained alive with electricity to me. During the construction project, when the wall was taken down to the studs, Steph was shocked to learn that live wires had been dangling in a part of the wall that he couldn't know about, obviously left over from someone else's DIY project, someone very sloppy in their work.

Space Blessings can reveal all manner of interesting, useful, and helpful information from the space itself.

If you think you might be interested in learning more about Space Blessings, you can check out my Space Blessings page under Services.