by betty.

Who's In Bed With You?

3I did a Space Blessing for a couple I'll can Lavinia and Alex. One step in the process is a scan of the space to see what needs to be released and cleaned out.

Beds have an amazing way of retaining experiences, and when I scanned their bed, I felt the energy of a woman in the middle of the bed. This unnerved me a bit because my first thought was maybe one of them had an affair with a woman in this bed. But I centered myself and let go of any judgment and opened to the energy. Definitely, the space between the couple was taken up by another woman who wasn't meant to be there, whose energy was negative and damaging.

When the time came for me to give Lavinia and Alex feedback, I mentioned this very palpable energy and suggested a woman was somehow coming between them. I explained I doubted this was a sexual relationship, but there was definitely an emotional connection being imposed on them. They looked at each other and each waited for the other to speak. Finally, Alex said, "That would be my mother."

The explanation was that they were living in his mother's house, even sleeping in his mother's bed, and although she gave them the house for a very small monthly rent, her generosity ended there. She lived a few miles away and her daily pattern was to either be at their house or to place demands on Alex to help her at her house.

The bottom line was that she was coming between them and causing a strain on their marriage. She demanded attention. She accused them of not loving her enough. She would get angry and storm out of their house in such a rage that Alex would follow after her so she wouldn't go off driving while "intoxicated" with anger.

Alex's mother had managed to build a literal wedge between them. She left her anger energy deposits in their bed because they would often both go to bed filled with anger and anxiety over how Alex's mother was treating them. They worried about whether the low rent was worth the high price of being deluged with her demands. They also confided they had not been intimate as often as they would have liked to be. Neither Alex nor Lavinia slept well. Both woke feeling exhausted even after eight or nine hours of sleep.

Getting this energy out was a major project because Mom was "embedded"! After doing the simple techniques that normally work fine, I had to resort to using a baseball bat to pound away at that very dense energy.

I completed the whole process of the Space Blessing and left feeling very good about what had been accomplished. But I had warned them that unless they set boundaries with Alex's mother, they would be back where they started from.

I'll skip now to a year later. Alex and Lavinia aren't sleeping so well again after several months of, as they reported, amazingly sound and restful nights. Now, their newborn was keeping them up, but they were very happy about losing sleep to take care of their baby.

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